Join Us – Support Ryan Gregory for Napa County Supervisor!

Community Organizations:

Napa County Farm Bureau
Napa County Taxpayers Association
Napa County Democratic Central Committee
Napa County Deputy Sheriffs' Association
Service Employees International Union Local 1021
Napa Chamber of Commerce
Winegrowers of Napa County
Napa City Firefighters Association Local 3124
Evolve California
Peace Officers Research Association of California (PORAC)
Progressive Women of Napa Valley
Democrats of Napa Valley

~Partial List~

Elected & Appointed Officials:

U.S. Congressman Mike Thompson
State Assembly Member Bill Dodd
Napa County Supervisor Keith Caldwell
Napa County Supervisor Diane Dillon
Napa County Supervisor Alfredo Pedroza
Napa County Supervisor-Elect Belia Ramos
Napa Mayor Jill Techel
Napa Vice Mayor Mary Luros
Napa City Council Member Juliana Inman
Napa City Council Member Pete Mott
Napa City Council Member Scott Sedgley
St. Helena City Council Member Greg Pitts
Napa Planning Commission Vice Chair Paul Kelley
Napa Valley College Board Trustee Joan Busenbark
Napa Valley College Board Trustee Dan Digardi
Former Napa Vice Mayor James V. Jones
Former Napa Vice Mayor Jim Krider
Former Napa Vice Mayor Mark Van Gorder
Dave Whitmer, Napa County Agricultural Commissioner (Retired)

~Partial List~

Community Leaders and Residents:

Robert Westmeyer, Napa County Counsel (Retired)
Mark C. Egan
Marcey Groves
Chuck McMinn
Rebecca Scarratt
Kathleen de Vries
Gordon Huether
Carmen Policy
Bill Chadwick
Jane Gregory
Christi Ficeli
John Coleman
Darcy Tunt
Todd Zapolski
James Keller
Chris Dewakie
Bill Keever
Shirley Perkins
Paul Scarratt
Bill O’Byrne
Steve Gregory
Rob Lloyd
Sherrell Harper
Mark Kuhnhausen
Greg Cole
Anthony Zand
Char Davidson
Stephanie Grubbs
Sarah Brennan
Jeri Gill
George Altamura
Suzanne Shiff
Michael Giovannani
Steve Teague
Bob Torres
Ken Frank
Jose Hernandez
Lisa Mini
Garrett Busch
Tom Fuller
Jeff Fontanella
Lynn Carriker
Stacie Gregory
Erin Renandin
Chris Salese
Jason Aaron
Greg Chase
Deb Oberi
Arty Reyes/The N.A.P.A. Show
Brad Onorato
Hillary Ryan
Reed Renandin
W. Clarke Swanson Jr.
Ginny Simms
Karen Fontanella
Shawn Guttersen
Andy Ryan
Don J. Huffman
Jen Chase
Janae Wilson
John Evans
Gary Garaventa
Chelli Warnock
Trina Falace
Bonnie Lloyd
Arik Housley
Katherine McComic
Brandon Groves
Dan Young
Cathy O’Callahan
Jim Gill
Brian Kelly
Berhard Krevet
Steve Falace
Dave Ficeli
Dario Sattui
John Truchard
Heather Teague

Katie Aaron
Susan Wilkinson
Jeni Olsen
Bart Jones
Lindsey Keller
Scott Warren
Kim Digardi
Peter Nissen
Debbie Geske
John L Thompson
Gary Rose
Peter Stoppello
Chuck Wagner
Joe Keebler

~Partial List~

“Ryan Gregory will work hard every day to make all of Napa a better place to live, work, raise a family, and run a business.  As a native of the district, he understands the issues we face, he’s involved in our community, and he’s experienced in business. Ryan Gregory has what it takes to make sure our community is made stronger for our kids and grandkids. I am proud to support him.”
- Mike Thompson, U.S. Congressman

“Ryan Gregory will work to improve the County’s relationship with the cities, particularly the City of Napa in which the majority of District 2 lies. Ryan has been a leader in building infill projects within the City so he is keenly aware of the policies in place protecting the City’s rural-urban limit line.”
- Jill Techel, Mayor of Napa

“During the last Supervisorial election, I was faced with a difficult choice between supporting a sitting Council Member or supporting a sitting Supervisor to represent District 2. Today, the choice is clear. After a 20-year incumbency, it’s time for the residents of the 2nd District to have a new representative to listen to their needs and craft solutions to address important city and county issues that remain to be solved.  Ryan is that clear choice. He is an articulate, capable, and proven problem solver in our community; and he will make a great Supervisor. I have also worked with Ryan on many historical projects in Napa County.”
- Juliana Inman, Napa City Council Member

“It’s time for a fresh perspective and new ideas on the Napa County Board of Supervisors.  Ryan Gregory’s vision, leadership and community service experience will serve Napa County well by bringing new ideas forward to address our most pressing issues.”
- Scott Sedgley, Napa City Council Member

“I’ve known Ryan for many years, and his passion to serve, coupled with his vast knowledge on numerous issues related to housing, water, our economy, public schools and recreational opportunities, provides a well-rounded background that will lay a solid framework for him to be an effective public servant.”
- Mary Luros, Napa Vice Mayor

“I support Ryan Gregory for Supervisor because he will work to improve our local economy and strengthen our local small businesses. Ryan’s vast experience serving the public, private and non-profit sectors provides him with a deep understanding of our community’s needs, and he is sure to bring new ideas and a fresh perspective to the Napa County Board of Supervisors.”
- Arik Housley, Small Business Owner and Lifelong Napa Resident

“Ryan Gregory brings a breadth of experience and community involvement to the table.  He will bring new ideas forward that our County needs to continue to innovate and adapt as our community grows and evolves.”
- Pete Mott, Napa City Council Member