During his tenure on the Board of Supervisors, Ryan has been hard at work to improve Napa County. Some of his proudest accomplishments include investments in:


  • Securing funding to finish Napa’s flood control project, while overseeing progress on the project as Chair of the Flood Control District
  • Repaving roads and streets while fixing potholes that are being fixed at record rates
  • Approving the first-ever Countywide Wildfire Prevention Plan (the first of its kind in the State), and funding wildfire prevention work at unprecedented levels
  • Supporting the County’s first major traffic reduction project on Highway 29 through his service on the Board of the Napa Valley Transportation Authority (the project is well underway, and will soon be completed!)


  • Leveraging funds to create new affordable housing throughout our community
  • Pioneering a new ADU forgivable-loan program to add even more housing stock
  • Advocating for common-sense legislation in Sacramento and Washington D.C. that helps streamline projects as a member of the County’s Legislative Sub-Committee


  • Serving on the Marin Clean Energy Board, which continues to expand the region’s renewable energy resources
  • Pushing for a regional Climate Action Plan for the County of Napa, while securing the grant funding needed to prepare the Climate Action Plan
  • Forming and serving on the Groundwater Sustainability Agency that actively manages the health of the valley’s impacted groundwater sub-basin
  • Entering into contract with a company that is set to install the largest floating solar project in the United States through his service as Vice-Chair of the Napa Sanitation District

In addition to these areas, Ryan has also been a proven leader during times of crisis. Whether it be the 2017 and 2020 wildfires, the COVID-19 pandemic, a mass shooting, and other unforeseen challenges, Ryan's leadership has always stood out for his pragmatism and ability to work with partner agencies and jurisdictions to ensure the safety and well-being of Napa County and its residents.

Ongoing Issues

While Ryan is proud of all that Napa County has accomplished during his time on the Board of Supervisors, he also knows that there are other challenges the City and County of Napa continue to work to address, including progress on:

  • Facilitating the construction of much-needed affordable workforce housing for Napa County residents.
  • Sustainably managing growth while protecting and managing our water resources.
  • Reducing traffic congestion and investing in our roads and infrastructure.
  • Protecting the Ag Preserve and our open space areas.
  • Strengthening our local schools and education system.
  • Preserving quality public safety services.